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G coffee table,
by Forma&Cemento

G coffee table is a contemporary grapheme. The Sumerians were the first to associate a sign with a letter, each sign was identifi ed with a distinct unit of meaning.

“ Everyone perceives reality in diff erent ways, creating their own world.
Most of the time my imagination mixes with reality.”

Civico 29,
cocktail bar

The bar, its sinuous shape reminiscent of the movement of the waves, is an implicit reference to the sea and draws inspiration from the area’s great pieces of architecture.

Anoa chair,
a metamorphosis

The word plastic derives from the Latin plastica and the Greek plastiké, in other words the art and technique of moulding, working and manipulating a malleable substance in order to create a given shape and form.

Yourskin studio,
usual wonders

The cult of body care has been with us in our daily lives for a long time now, becoming a usual practice.

one library, many viewpoints

The name Totem is an explicit reference to a cult object, to be handed down from one generation to the next, like culture, here represented by the other objects which it can contain.

a welcoming space

Working on an apartment with an historical identity required a sense of measure and a clear vision ofthe contemporary living.

“My time in Paris allowed me to understand that you can create whatever you can think of, continuously changing scale, interpreting a project differently every time, even if it is very similar.”

a homage to Superstudio

The fruit and vegetable markets are a very important commercial chain in the Campania region of Italy. The fruit trays, once they have worn out, become plastic waste.

New Classic

This renovation keeps track of the past while indulging in lifestyles and contemporary taste.