Quaderna 2.0, a contemporary
homage to Superstudio.

The fruit and vegetable markets are a very important commercial chain in the Campania region of Italy. The fruit trays, once they have worn out, become plastic waste. They are usually made from polypropylene, and thus ideal for creating secondary raw materials in the form of granules or film.

“The desire to create objects for daily use using experimental second-life materials is, indeed, a linchpin of my design philosophy, born of the desire to overcome the contradiction implicit in using only once a material which has the properties to last a long time, as often occurs with food packaging.”

The pieces of the collection – which includes a table, a lamp, a rug and a centerpiece – are made by a sprayable mixture of cement and fragments of recycled plastic film. It is an homage to the collection designed by Superstudio for Zanotta in 1970.